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MLB: 4 reasons why Altuve is more than just an MVP

The story of the beginning of José Altuve’s baseball career is a unique one. With much rejection and doubt, Altuve’s road to the major leagues wasn’t a smooth ride. After the 2017 World Series, I don’t think anyone is still doubting him. While Altuve is one of the faces of baseball right now, there is more to him than slick plays, stolen bases, and home runs. Here are four reasons why Altuve is a great role model.

1. Perseverance

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Altuve was 16 years old when he attended his first tryout with the Houston Astros in his hometown of Maracay, Venezuela. He sadly was overlooked because of his height and an assumption that he was lying about his age. Altuve returned the next day to tryouts with his birth certificate and a positive attitude. This event early in Altuve’s career truly showed his character and perseverance.

2. He shows size doesn’t matter


When judging Altuve purely based on his appearance, one might not immediately assume he is a star baseball player. In 2017 alone, Altuve was awarded the American League MVP, the Major League Player of the Year, the American League Hank Aaron Award, and the American League batting title. Altuve does a great job of defying the odds and setting a great example for kids of any size who want to play ball.

3. He likes to dance, laugh, and have fun


Being a professional baseball player has the perks of going to work and being able to feel like a little kid at the ballpark every day. Sometimes players take the game too seriously and lose sight of how blessed they are. Altuve is a great example of one who works hard on the field while also having fun. There are countless videos, gifs, and photos of José acting silly with a big grin on his face. While he likes to have a lot of fun, he has proved his main focus is still winning.


4. José is a Great Teammate

DNVHFRTXUAApF2BOne amazing thing about baseball is the people that are brought together through the love of the game. Although being a major league baseball player is a job, players often create lifelong bonds with their teammates. José is always seen on and off of the field with his teammates. He has friends not only on his team but on many other teams within the MLB. Altuve has many friends because he is a class act with a lively personality.

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My name is Jessica Verona, and I am from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. I am a sophomore studying Sports Journalism at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University. I have been a softball player and avid baseball fan my entire life and I will be writing for the MLB section of Sunrise Sports.

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