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Baseballism: A Brand You Should Know About

If you haven’t heard of the retailer Baseballism I understand, I found out about it two years ago while living in Arizona. I was in Old Town Scottsdale and happened upon a store front called Baseballism. Naturally, I had to go in and check it out, and I am happy that I did. At this point I feel like half of my closet has either Baseballism shirts or jackets. If you are a fan of baseball, man, woman, or child you need to check it out. They have items for all ages both male and female.

Baseballism was started in Portland, Oregon by four former college baseball players. They decided to start a brand that focused on the traditions and history of the game. Many of their shirts only make sense if you know and understand baseball, such as the 6+4+3=2 shirt. Since you’re a Bullpen fan though, we’ll let you in on the secret! This little equation is actually a double play positional arrangement. It basically means the ball went from the shortstop (6) to the second baseman (4) and then finally to the first baseman (3), resulting in two outs (Who knew this was going to be Stat of the Week?).

The company has quality products meant for the baseball fans of the world. Need a great Father’s Day gift, birthday gift, or Mother’s Day present? They have you covered! These last couple months have been tough for the company as the delayed baseball season has hurt a lot of their retail store sales. Most of the stores are at or very close to ballparks in the country. With the delay, they are missing out on huge chunks of sales right now. They are staying strong as many people are still buying clothes and accessories from them online on the Baseballism website. Check out all the creative shirts they have, from The Sandlot and The Field of Dreams to shirts about Babe Ruth and Roberto Clemente. 

What Baseballism has done over the last couple months is create branded face masks for Covid-19 defense. They have also created shirts and sweatshirts that have built in face masks as well. Lastly, with everything going on right now in our country, they have made a stand, to stand behind the rights of all people. There newest shirt says equ42ity, in honor of equality and Jackie Robinson. 

This is an American company creating fun, traditional, and historical products about America’s pastime. As soon as you get your first order from Baseballism, you will be hooked, they are always adding new product lines and designs. So, to all my baseball fans out there, check out Baseballism and the awesome baseball themed product that they have to offer at

What do you think about Baseballism? Which of their products do you have and which ones are your favorite? Comment down below or share your product pics with us on Instagram (@thebullpen_) for a chance to be highlighted on our story! Make sure to follow us first!

Cover Photo courtesy of Baseballism

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I am a former college baseball player that has a constant love for the game. After I had injuries that left me unable to play anymore I have always wanted to stay in the game. Now I will be able to stay in the game by writing about the sport that I love.

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