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Baseball Is Back! Here Are Our Thoughts…

The news that we have been waiting to hear since March is finally here! Baseball is coming back in less than one month! While other sports like NASCAR, UFC, and professional soccer around the world have already returned, millions of baseball fans will finally get their favorite sport back!

After months of debating and counteroffers, there are still some things to figure out before the 60-game season begins including health and safety conditions because of the COVID-19 pandemic. While we still wait to see if fans will be able to watch the games in person or not, the league decided to have games played at each team’s respective home stadium.

All of us here at The Bullpen are very excited about this upcoming season, even if it’s not a full 162-game season. Below are some of our individual opinions starting with one of our marketing managers, Heather Barette, who is undoubtedly the biggest Dodgers fan you will ever meet.

“Look, I’m just as excited as the next person that baseball is (seemingly) back, but let’s be real, I won’t be fully satisfied until I see Mookie Betts in Dodger Blue standing in that batter’s box. I mean, if we’re being honest, Dodger fans – we had the most to lose if this season was lost. Needless to say, I’m glad the players and the owners could FINALLY come to terms, even if we only get to see 60 regular season games in 2020. And if a shortened season is what it takes for the Dodgers to hoist that Commissioner’s Trophy at the end of it all, then so be it – let’s do this!”

– Heather Barette, Marketing Manager

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Contributor for TheBullpen. 2016 graduate from Lock Haven University with Bachelor of Arts in Communications with a focus in journalism. Sports enthusiast waiting for sports to come back after COVID-19 pandemic.

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