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You Need These Guys, ASAP!

The news is out! Baseball is back and our boys are reporting back to the fields. It’s been a long and strenuous battle to get baseball back and now us fans can finally breathe a sigh of relief. But for some baseball players out there, the return isn’t so glamorous or fought for.

I am of course speaking about our young baseball players across the country who battle day and night, and train through blood, sweat, and tears to play at the collegiate level. They’re going through, perhaps, one of the most stressful and confusing transitions (or lack thereof) in baseball history. As a former player, I definitely understand their grind as most of you all have. But the new generation who has tremendous talent and put in years and some change to perfect their craft are now at the mercy of this current pandemic; void of a shot at higher level ball.

Our team at The Bullpen knows some of our fans are fantastic baseball players and we want to see them succeed with the right tools at their disposal, which is why we are proud to promote SportsForce Baseball!

SportsForce Baseball is a college recruiting service with over 11 years of experience in the business. Their team consists of over 30 former college coaches, players, and MLB scouts nationwide; they’re all interconnected over 15 states! They’ve committed over 1,000 players to colleges such as the University of Florida, UCSD, and Cornell, and pride themselves on saving families over $50 million in awarded college scholarships and financial savings.

With over 200+ years of NCAA recruiting experience, their staff of former college coaches, players, and MLB scouts are actively talking with hundreds of NCAA DI, DII, and DIII coaches.  

At the helm of this organization is their Founder & CEO Andrew Beinbrink who played baseball at Arizona State University and was a 4 time All-American & Team USA player. He was picked up by the Tampa Bay Rays in 1999 as a 7th round pick and played in their farm system before sliding over to the west with the Texas Rangers in 2003. 

Besides his technical skills and credentials on the field, his passion for helping future players permeates. He is always inspired to teach student-athletes, coaches, and parents how to reach their potential, play sports with integrity, and achieve their goals on and off the field. He’s personally assisted over 300 student-athletes and families through the college recruiting process; helping commit players to NCAA DI, DII, DIII, and so on. 

Unlike most recruiting companies who sign up any family willing to pay, SportsForce only partners with qualified student-athletes for their premium recruiting programs who meet their five academic, athletic, and coachability selection factors. These include:

1.) Quality academic standing

2.) Qualified college baseball prospect

3.) Being an open and coachable student-athlete

4.) Open and coachable parents

5.) Character commitment on and off the field

SportsForce understands that deciding where to play college ball is a huge commitment, so they’re here to help you and your family make the best decision for the future. These are troubling times, but SportsForce has made industry leading adjustments to remain by your side to ensure your success. They have the tools, knowledge, and heart for this, and The Bullpen fully endorses SportsForce as the premier scouting service out there!

So, if you or your family member is ready to take the next step (the right step) in a baseball career, I implore you to reach out to us in the comment section below or our social media accounts so we can provide you with additional information on how to be evaluated or scouted through SportsForce. Or, you can contact them by using the information below:


Phone: 1.888.978.7084


We also encourage you to share this article with your networks to spread the word to anyone who you think might find this useful. Make someone’s day, help make a young man’s dream come true.

Follow us on Instagram (@thebullpen_), Twitter (@TheBullpen12), and Facebook. Also, follow SportsForce on their Instagram (@sportsforcebb) and Twitter (@SportsForceBB) for more great content!

Photos courtesy of SportsForce Baseball

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22-year-old student attending California State University, Fullerton. Pursuing a bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a focus in Legal Studies. Former baseball player interested in a career in Sports Management. Go Yankees!

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