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Discussing the MLB’s COVID-19 Crisis

Hello fans, Josh here from The Bullpen! The news regarding COVID-19 in the MLB (especially in the Marlins, Phillies, and Cardinals organizations) has a lot of us baseball fans worried about the future of the sport. In this article I gathered my fellow contributors to share their thoughts on the recent COVID-19 outbreaks jeopardizing the 2020 MLB season.

Sebastian Moore: There has been a rise in COVID-19 cases across the country before the 2020 season officially began July 23, so it wasn’t shocking that an outbreak of positive coronavirus tests was reported four days later.

As of July 27, Marlins players and staff have produced over 17 positive coronavirus tests. The Phillies have not played since their home opener against the Marlins concluded July 26. The weekend series between the Cardinals and Brewers was postponed because four members of the Cardinals organization tested positive. Outfielder Lorenzo Cain opted out of the season Saturday in light of the recent positive cases across the MLB.There is so much to digest here. It seemed unrealistic that the MLB could squeeze 60 games in 66 days without someone contracting the virus, even with minimal travel.

These outbreaks are concerning because baseball is a socially distant sport. The most crowded area on the field is the dugout and without fans in the stands, the dugouts can be expanded considerably.I fear that if these outbreaks are not better contained, the 2020 season will be over indefinitely. If baseball had an outbreak four days into its season, how will sports like football, basketball, and hockey minimize, contain, or prevent outbreaks to keep their players safe?

– SM

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