What Will Major League Baseball Look Like in 2020?

We at The Bullpen would like to recognize all the heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom, including the ability to watch our favorite sport. Baseball may not be here yet, but let's breakdown the 2020 season plan! Happy Memorial Day!

Stat of the Week: MLV

MLV, or Marginal Lineup Value, is a statistic that measures a player's offensive production in runs above an average offensive player. MLV takes a theoretical team of nine average hitters, replaces one of them with a player we want to measure, gives him the same percentage of the team's total plate appearances (PA) as he... Continue Reading →

Stat of the Week: OPS

The sum of a player's on-base percentage (OBP) and their slugging average (SLG). This is a quick and easy statistic for understanding a player's offensive productivity. OPS is more closely correlated to run scoring than batting average, on-base percentage, or slugging average alone, which is why many baseball fans prefer this statistic to compare players'... Continue Reading →

Stat of the Week: Stress

"Stress" is a way of characterizing how much of a pitcher's workload has been compressed into high pitch count outings. The higher the stress ratings over the course of a pitcher's career, the higher likelihood of arm injuries. Stress = Pitcher Abuse Points(PAP)/# of Pitches PAP = (# of Pitches -100)^3 According to Keith Woolner,... Continue Reading →

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