Interview with Tim Mead, President of the Hall of Fame

We're back! This time, The Bullpen's Eric Bernstein is sharing his interview with Tim Mead, the President of the Hall of Fame & Museum. Check it out!

Stat of the Week: Stress

"Stress" is a way of characterizing how much of a pitcher's workload has been compressed into high pitch count outings. The higher the stress ratings over the course of a pitcher's career, the higher likelihood of arm injuries. Stress = Pitcher Abuse Points(PAP)/# of Pitches PAP = (# of Pitches -100)^3 According to Keith Woolner,... Continue Reading →

Stat of the Week: Hit (H)

In baseball, a "hit" is simply a condition in which the batter hits the ball into play and (at least) reaches 1st base safely. "Safely" means the batter reached a base without being tagged with the ball first or beat to the base by a defensive player in possession of the ball, or reached the... Continue Reading →

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